3 Applications For Wood Chips In farming

Wood chip is a basic material with numerous uses in life. In the following essay, we will learn about its various applications.

3 Applications For Wood Chips In farming

1. What is wood chips?

  • Wood Chip is a compound noun made up of the words “wood” and “chip,” which means little fragments or splinters. To put it simply, it is a type of wood scrap created by chopping larger pieces of wood such as trees, branches, trunks, and so on into numerous pieces.
  • It can be produced in a variety of ways, including using residual components from wood-based products or massive wooden bars that have been chopped into it to meet the needs of the consumers.
    Wood chip

      Wood chip

2. Application of wood chips

They have numerous applications in life, with the most common being biomass fuel and raw materials for wood pulp production. Some common applications for wood chips include:

  • They are used to manufacture wood pulp, which is a raw ingredient for papermaking, a filler in thermosetting polymers, and a key component of construction goods (MDF, MFC).
  • They used to manufacture wood pulp must be of same size and contain solely wood flesh. The bark must be removed since it impairs the quality of the wood pulp. The ideal size of their varies according on the type of wood.
  • They are a renewable fuel source for heating and electricity generation. And it is one of the most promising forms of biomass energy. Biomass fuel is the world’s most appealing fuel for addressing energy issues and climate change. This fuel is cheap, practically carbon-neutral, abundant, and renewable.
  • However, the density of various types of wood can influence combustion efficiency. As a result, individuals have discovered a new energy solution that is more efficient, has a longer burning time, and produces fewer emissions: wood pellets.
Wood chip
Wood chip

3. Application in farming

  • Mulch: Wood chips are used to cover the soil surface around plants. This is an old strategy that produces remarkable effects in terms of soil water and moisture retention while also preventing weed growth.
  • Soil regeneration: They are high in carbon and are a great substance for enhancing soil health, making it more nutrient dense for plants.
  • Erosion control: They can be used to reduce soil loss after heavy rains.



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