Ngoc Chau Rubber is one of the private natural rubber manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. They have a strong financial source, stable raw materials, modern production technology and a team of professional staff who are dedicated to their profession. On average, Ngoc Chau can supply customers with 20,000 tons of quality natural rubber.


Mr. Sarfaraz – Pakistan

“It is perfect! A great match. Exactly what we need. We still have enough for the lab trials we are doing. As part of our coating we are getting amazing performance”

Mr. Victor – Russia

The customer said: “When the loader unloaded. He said that the smell is like a good latex. Sweet and ammonia feels good.”

Mr. Benjamin – Canada

“The rubber arrived, and it is compatible! We are working to secure IP and manufacturer.”

Mr. Inkaya – Türkiye

“That looks perfect! Your service quality is very satisfied”



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