Ngoc Chau Rubber is one of the private natural rubber manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam.

They have a strong financial source, stable raw materials, modern production technology and a team of professional staff who are dedicated to their profession. On average, Ngoc Chau can supply customers with 20,000 tons of quality natural rubber.

Not stopping at the achieved successes, NGOC CHAU continues to set the target of investing in high-tech lines to produce latex centrifugal rubber products in 2018, at the same time expanding production scale and conquering, fastidious export markets such as Algeria, Afghanistan, Angola, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Italia, Iran, Jordan, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Turkiye, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, UAE, Spain, Korea.

On the journey of sustainable development, in addition to the right strategic direction, NGOC CHAU also always values ​​ethical business values, ensuring benefits for Customers – Partners and Society. With all her efforts, NGOC CHAU believes that she fully deserves the customer’s choice in the field of supplying quality natural rubber products today.

natural rubber latex

Our mission is to provide the best quality rubber raw materials to our partners. We are concerned not only with quality, but also with the customer experience. Therefore, we always guarantee to bring the most satisfaction in quality and service to customers who have trusted Ngoc Chau Factory.

Our vision is to always move forward, becoming a modern natural rubber factory.
Supply large quantities of raw materials to customers. Developing a leading factory in Vietnam.

Our core values are reflected in our prestige and enthusiasm. Customers always receive benefits with value, and we always gain the highest trust from partners.
Not only that, Ngoc Chau Company always puts its whole heart into its products and customers. Therefore, we always promote ethical and safe activities.