Top Glove invests in accommodations, other remedial actions for workers’ safety22/02/2021

Malaysian gloves maker Top Glove stated that it has “swiftly and effectively implemented several remedial actions to ensure the safety and well-being of (our) workforce”. The company, which was embroiled in labour (non-compliance with the Workers’ Minimum Standards of Housing and Amenities Act 1990) and work safety (responsible for the largest number of Covid-19 infections among its workers in Malaysia’s Teratai cluster) issues last year, ensures prioritising its workers’ safety by providing them “decent standard of accommodation”. Overcrowding in its workers’ dormitories was pointed out as the reason for the outbreak in the factories.


For starters, it has appointed Impactt, a UK-headquartered independent ethical trade consultancy to assess and guide the company in its progress. Resolving the issue of overcrowding of its workers’ lodgings, it has previously invested RM70 million in more than 100 double-storey houses and hostels with full facilities. Recently, it also invested RM20 million in the purchase of 101 units of apartments for its employees and renting additional houses and apartments. By the end of December 2020, it said that it relocated 2,000 of its employees to a WestlitePKNS in Kelana Jaya, providing them with the necessary amenities, Top Glove furthered.


In the midterm, it said that it is investing approximately RM195 million for more facilities and accommodation, including building mega hostels in Klang and Banting in Selangor, with a combined capacity of 7,300 pax, and a combined CAPEX of RM70 million. Another apartment block in Klang, with a capacity to house 2,700 workers, is expected to be completed by March 2022 and has a CAPEX of around RM95 million. It added that it is also building and acquiring additional houses, apartments, and hostels in other states, amounting to approximately RM30 million.

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