1. History of the International Women’s Day March 8. On March 8, it is a long historical story about the struggle for equal rights and well-being for women of many groups of women around the world. It is women who make up March 8 of history. For each year to have a day filled with flowers, there was a lot of blood and tears pouring down in the past.
The history of March 8 started from the American female worker movement. By the end of the 19th century, capitalism in America had flourished. Industry has attracted many women and children into factories and factories. But capitalist owners pay very cheap salaries, and indefinite hours so they can get a lot of products for them.
Indignant at that injustice, on March 8, 1857, American female workers stood up to fight for increased wages and reduced working hours. The movement began with women working in the textile and garment industries in the two cities of Chicago and New York. Despite being persecuted by the capitalists, the sisters remained closely united and persisted in fighting to force them to give in. The struggle of American female workers strongly encouraged the movement of women working in the world, especially women in Germany, a country with advanced industry at that time.
In the class struggle movement at that time appeared two prominent female soldiers, that was Mrs. Cla-ra Zet-kin (Clara Zetkin – German) and Mrs. Roshua-Luxembourg (from Poland). . Recognizing the strength and abundance of the female workforce and the need for organization and leadership to win the women’s movement, in 1907 the two women collaborated with Mrs. Crup. -xkai-a (wife of comrade Le-nin) advocated for the establishment of the “International Women’s Secretariat”. Mrs. Cla-ra Zet-kin was appointed as Secretary.
In 1910, the International Women’s Congress of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam held in Colombia (the capital of Denmark) decided to make March 8 as “International Women’s Day”, the day of women’s solidarity. women with the following slogans:
– Working day at 8 o’clock.
– Equal employment.
– Protection of mothers and children.
Since then, March 8 has become a common day of struggle for working women around the world, a sign of the will of women all over the world to fight for national independence, democracy and peace. and social progress; for the welfare of women and children .
Many other noteworthy events related to March 8 such as the great struggle in Russia on February 23, 1917 according to the Russian calendar and March 8 on the calendar day, female workers massively attacked. all the streets of Russia. That event was later considered one of the factors that sparked the Russian October Revolution. In addition, there are many struggles of women in the world also broke out in historical March.
In 1975, the United Nations adopted March 8 every year as “International Women’s Day”. Two years later, the UN passed a resolution of the member countries celebrating March 8 as a day for equal rights, the advancement of women and world peace.
Every year, on March 8, women around the world, including Vietnamese women, hold a solemn celebration of the “International Women’s Day” celebration.

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