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Lam Quang Pagoda: The 22-year pagoda nurturing lonely old people

The small pagoda of Lam Quang, for 22 years, has carried over a hundred lonely and lonely old people. Around the temple is a poor working area, the area of ​​the temple is also small, the three largest rooms are reserved for the residence of the elderly.

Lam Quang Pagoda is an idyllic pagoda located in a small alley at 301/117 / 70H Ben Binh Dong, Ward 14, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. The special thing here is that the loving nursing home has been established by the temple for more than 20 years, which nurtures a lot of old people who have no place to support.

The refuge of lonely old people  

The opening of the nursing home comes from the heart of Nun Thich Nu Hue Tuyen who is currently the abbot of the temple wishing that the elderly would have a peaceful and well-cared place. That is why the nun brought her grandparents to serve with all she could do.

In the beginning, in order to have enough money to take good care of the elderly, the nuns of the temple did a lot of extra jobs such as making incense, selling sticky rice, and vegetarian noodles to cook vegetarian food for Buddhist families. When there are hordes, parties … Every day, nuns and Buddhists come to work together to take care of the elderly in daily tasks in each meal, sleep, medicine, bathing and cleaning. accommodation … When the elderly pass away, they are all covered by the temple from beginning to end, from burial procedures to worship. It is from the humanistic meaning of this humanitarian action that many benefactors, organizations, units and individuals have moved their hearts and joined hands to donate money, food, food and personal items to Help the temple take care of the tools better.

Lam Quang pagoda was established in 1997, currently carrying 149 people, including 126 old people, the rest are destitute children. People here are sometimes more or less, because sometimes we welcome new grandparents, and sometimes someone dies. Since then, more than 300 dead people have been buried and worshiped at the pagoda.

The lonely old people are taking refuge at Lam Quang pagoda. Photo: Dan Viet

The lonely old people are taking refuge at Lam Quang pagoda.





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